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rebuild catalog in retro 6

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I have 30 plus dat tapes and lost the original catalog. When I go to rebuild catalog the gears just spin for hours. I go thru all the steps as prescribed... Retro. sees the tape drive will eject tape and sees the name of the tape and storage set but just won't rebuild/ read the tapes. running mac os x 10.58.. hp dat dds-dc usb.

The tapes were originally written on 9.2 machine 4.0 retro. sony scsi drive... compatibility issues? thanks for any help..

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I would first make sure that your tape drive is qualified for the Retrospect version you're running (which you haven't told us). You can check things out here. You may need to update your Retrospect version and/or download a new RDU file.


Theoretically, Retrospect 6.x should be able to happily read 4.x backup sets and rebuild their catalogs, but some users have reported difficulties accessing old data. I haven't experienced such problems myself, but I haven't had much need to retrieve old 4.x data, and I've never tried to rebuild an old 4.x catalog while running 6.x.


Good luck and let us know how you make out.



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I thought if retro saw the drive in the devices menu that it was supported. I didn't check it. It is a hp usb unit... So, for trial sake i hooked up my old scsi tape drive via a firewire converter (fr1sx) and i am shocked and awed that the catalog rebuild is working... as i write. thanks for the help. I will now spend the next several months rebuilding from the 80+ tapes @20mb/min...

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I thought if retro saw the drive in the devices menu that it was supported.

Being able to see the device is not the same as understanding its command set.


The information about how Retrospect is to control specific new devices is incorporated in the version updates and subsequent driver updates (RDU's).

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