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Retrospect 6.1 and Network clients

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I use Retro 6.1 on Mac 10.5.8. I have 2 other computers on a LAN that I was able to bacjup until I had to reinstall system software. Now I get a "client not visible" message. I do not have any documentation on the network client software. All I have is my original box, install disk and user guide. Am I missing something simple?

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You don't say which computer(s) were subject to the OS reinstall. If it was the client computer, I would try using the client software installer to first uninstall and then reinstall the Retrospect Client software on this machine.


In your "reinstall," you didn't happen to upgrade the machine to 10.6, did you? Retrospect 6.1 won't work with 10.6.


If you need further information from us, please give us more details about your setup, including which version of Retrospect 6.1 you're using, any installed Retrospect Driver Update file, and the exact hardware in use.

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