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Mac user has to be logged in for Windows Server to see Client??

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"Can't access volume XXX on ZZZ, error -1101 ( file/directory not found)" is the log entry if the user on the Mac has not logged in to the user account. When logged in, Retrospect is able to see the machine. If user is not logged in Retrospect cannot see (Configure Client or Backup) the machine. It is the only Mac on the network; the others are XP & Vista, and they work just fine.

Since when does a machine have to be logged in to be visible?

What should I be looking for to fix this?


Retrospect Single Server, V 7.7.325 (32)

Windows XP SP3

RetroClient on the Mac 6.2.234; in /Library/StartupItems

Client is on OS X 10.6.3, connected by Airport Extreme wireless

Ping of course has no problem.

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Good suggestion, Lennart. Two more data points: A wired connection fails the same way the wireless does. Secondly,Retrospect can see another much older Mac (OS X 10.6.3, Client 6.2.229) on that wireless network even when it is logged out. The Retrospect website says Win Server 7.7 uses a newer Mac Client, 6.3.028, so I installed that, but the problem still exists on that one brand new machine.


Groping for what might be different, the only candidate I think of is that the problem iMac also has VMware , but it is Quit at logout time, and Retrospect is only looking for the Mac Boot volume anyway.

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