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Best method for backup with Retrospect?


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I'm looking at a suitable backup solution for a small business. They have about 8 workstations and are using an XP prof box with shared folders for their file storage.


I'm looking for a simple solution based on removable USB hard drives.

I'd like to ensure these shared folders are backed up and at any one point there is enough backup data off site to restore these files/folders to data this is maybe 1 week or less old.


They have a member of staff on site who is able to login to the 'backup' 'server' and run some simple commands, change backup disks etc :)


Which version of Retrospect is best suited to this and what kind of setup do I need?


They are also keen to be able to do a test restore of some files to a laptop every so often to ensure the backups are working as expected and to make sure they could get up and running again if the building burned down.



Many thanks


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