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Retrospect 8 crash: Bus error


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My retrospect 8 server crashed randomly on a couple of occasions while it was backing up. The console log read:


(com.retrospect.RetroEngine[70]) Job appears to have crashed: Bus Error


This sounds like a hardware error. From the initial research, rebuilding the media sets and catalogue is the suggested fix for earlier versions of retrospect, but we have already rebuilt them


I was unable to restart the engine unless I rebooted the server. I'm running.


I email Retrospect support last week and again earlier today but have not heard back from them yet.


I don't think this has anything to do with a specific source that it is trying to backup, but I could be wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.


I'm running Retrospect on an Intel Xeon Mac OSX 10.6.2. Would it help to update it to 10.6.3?




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What WOULD help is if you could provide the version of Retrospect engine (8.x.x.x) and Retrospect console (8.x.x) that you are running.


It's possible that Retrospect has corrupted its preferences, and is getting confused.


To see if this is the problem, stop the engine, quit the console, and move Retrospect's preferences (config80.dat and config80.bak) somewhere that Retrospect can't find them (like the desktop of the engine machine). Restart the engine and console, and you will be prompted to re-enter your license information.


You will have lost all of your sources, destinations, scripts, etc., but see if you can get Retrospect working.


If you can, then restore the config80.dat file from a backup (you do have a backup, right?) before the corruption occurred.


If you still can't get Retrospect working with a new config file, then that's not the problem, quit the console, stop the engine, and contact Retrospect support:

Contact Retrospect support



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My apologies. I am running console 8.1 (build 626). Assuming I looked at the right place for getting the engine version, I am running Retrospect Engine 8.1.626.1.


I will look into those preferences while I wait for Retrospect support to get back to me.


Many thanks for the advice!

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