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Backing up a single file rather then favouriting an entire folder

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I've looked through the Retrospect 8 user guide as well as the forum.


I'd like to find out if its possible to 'Favourite' a single file rather then a folder when selecting sources to backup.


Selecting individual files is useful as i'd like to backup individual user preference files rather then their entire library- ie: a users stickiesdatabase


any suggestions would be appreciated

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Yes, it's called a Rule (used to be called a selector, in oldspeak). In reality, regardless of what it's called, it's just a filter.


If the preferences files are localized, it would be VERY timesaving to mark the folder (or filesystem subtree) as a "Favorite" and then apply the rule to select individual files.


Just list the desired files in a rule.



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Makes sense however can i apply more then 1 rules to a script!?


i have a script setup to backup all my desktop clients:


- for Client A i need to ensure his Parallels file is not getting back

- for client B i need to ensure that only his StickiesDatabase & safari p.list are being backed up from the user library folder…


the remainder of the clients can be backed as Favourited …

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