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Has anyone restored an entire mac boot volume successfully?

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I tried doing a restore of an entire Intel mac boot volume, for the first time. The restore hung at the "completing restore" stage, then many hours later the Engine crashed. The restored mac would not boot and just got into an infinite loop, showing a light blue background screen, then a twirly, then screen, twirly, etc.


Just wondering if anyone has succeeded in restoring a mac boot volume.


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Ok, so it sometimes works. Knowing that helps.


It's not going to be worth it for me to detail this problem, because it takes 2 days to do the restore and so I'm not going to be able to do any experiments on this. I'm giving the restore one more try now and if that fails, I'll just do a passive data restore and reinstall all the apps, users, etc.


I've got the latest Retrospect versions, the client is an intel imac running 10.6.2. I can't imagine any good reason why this should fail. It's utterly straightforward.

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It's not going to be worth it for me to detail this problem...


You can't imagine how selfish this sounds.


This Forum is a community of Retrospect users coming together to help one another. If it's not "worth it" for you to provide even the most basic information about a question you'd like others to answer, what's the point of anyone else contributing?

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I'm not being selfish. The reason it's not worth it is that it takes 2 days to do an experiment to see if any putative solution would work, and I can't go that long without that computer being up and running. Also, there's really nothing to detail. There's nothing in the logs about it, and the only relevant hardware is the destination mac which has nothing special about it. And I never asked for help diagnosing the problem - I only asked whether anyone has had success restoring an entire mac boot volume, because until now I have had no evidence that it ever works, and I wouldn't put it past Retrospect for something like that to simply not work yet.

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