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Disk set versus file

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I'm playing with the 30-day free demo of Retro 8 on Leopard server (10.5.8). Am wondering what the advantages of disk set versus file are (always used file in Retro 6).


Also, what am I missing about Proactive? I'm not seeing where I can effect this, or is this something that strictly works in the background with no admin intervention. Yah, I should do more research online, I suppose, but since I'm still demo'ing, I was hoping for an quick answer on that, since there's nothing in the "Retro 8 Getting Started" pdf about this, other than a general overview statement.


Finally, I notice that backups seem to be rather slow (often as low as 48Mb/M), this despite doing it on a Quadcore MacPro, 8G RAM, over T100 (University campus) network, all on machines in the same subnet (same building, too). Perhaps Disk Set would be faster, I'm wondering. If so, certainly worth trying that out.

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