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Retro8 slow, slow, slow

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I'm trialing Retro 8 on a brand-new 2.26GHz MacBook Pro with 2Megs of memory. Standalone installation: everything is running on the same machine. I'm backing up to DVDs and getting ridiculous performance (30-35Megs/min). I seem to remember I was getting in the range of 200Megs/min performance on my old iBook G4!!


I've been with Retro for about 10 years now, but am seriously wondering whether to stick with it. I have to decide whether to pay for the thing in a couple of weeks.


Any advice? Is this normal performance for Retro 8 in this configuration? I see that I'm not the only one experiencing ridiculous performance from this version. Is there any reasonable expectation of acceptable performance any time soon?


Very very disappointed, EMC.

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