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I run into the following problem and it is still around with the latest Retrospect version.


The latest snapshots are supposed to be transfered from more then one disk backup set to a tape. The Checkbox for ejecting media is set. What happens is that after all data from the first backup set are transfered, the media is ejected. Retrospect then starts to wait for the tape it just ejected to transfer the remaining data. Is there a way around this or is that considered to be a bug?


Regards, Lars

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There was a thread about this problem recently. I think the solution was to NOT have the "Eject" checkbox checked in the script. Then create a new script that backs up a small source (such as the local C: drive) and THAT script should have the "Eject" checkbox checked. The new script should be scheduled an hour or so after the first script. It will wait until the first script is finished before starting.

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