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random proactive schedule

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We recently had to delay the proactive backup (Retrospect version 7.6.123) of our SQL Server server for several hours. I checked the box in the proactive backup schedule dialog and then unchecked it when I wanted to resume proactive backup. Ever since then the proactive schedule has been random. It will start the proactive backup when it isn't scheduled. The schedule is basically 7PM to 9AM Monday thru Thurs and 7PM Friday to 1AM Sunday. The proactive backup is to disk. On Sunday, the disk backup is transferred to tape. The proactive backup for the SQL Server serve started at Midnight Sunday-Monday. Any explanations? How can I fix it?

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Why do you use proactive backup in the first place? Proactive backup is designed for clients with laptops that might be on the road sometimes. I really hope your Exchange server is NOT on the road. ;-)


Schedule a normal backup each night instead. (That's what we do, except for Saturday night)

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It is a bit unusual to be using ProActive backup on a server, however, you may want to check your ProActive Schedules, Remember there is a default schedule specified in the Preferences, which may then be overidden by the schedule in a particular script.

I've also found I often accidentally modify schedules for all days when I mean a particular day.

Also check the Proactive Monitoring Tab, and Select scripts in the drop box, to see which ones are active at any time.

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