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Missing schedules

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So I have a client who has had a lot of issues with Retrospect 8 since installation. We finally set it up with some very simple scripts (previously we had tried to be more creative with a proactive backup script), one for each backup drive and they worked great for about two weeks, then suddenly stopped working. When I logged in to look at it the schedules were gone. Vanished.

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Other threads have included the admonition to backup the "config.dat" file with regularity, since this one file contains all of the info you indicate as missing. If it becomes corrupt, RS8 will just create a new one - a blank one. There's a bit of a window of opportunity in that there is also a "config.bak" file that can become the new DAT file just by renaming, but if you don't get to it in time then you're out of luck.


If you had the foresight to establish a backup of config.dat, then just restore it from a known good configuration and you'll get all the settings back. If not, then by all means grab that BAK file ASAP, before you make any changes to the blank configuration, and try using it. But if you've made changes to the new empty configuration, such as starting to rebuild the missing scripts, then it is likely that the BAK file has also been compromised and now only contains a copy of the empty config.

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