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smarter rebuild-catalog-file-from-tapes workflow


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Currently if I have a tape catalog file which has become corrupt, and I have to rebuild it, retrospect will rebuild one-tape-at-a-time and once it completes each tape it will SIT THERE with a dialog box asking "are there any more tapes in this set?"


Given the amount of time it takes to scan each tape, often this box sits there for 12 hours or more until I see it and check "yes"


This is stupid.


There should be a way to specify AT THE BEGINNING OF THE RECATALOG PROCESS the number of tapes in the set. For example:


Tools -> repair catalog -> recreate from tapes -> "media selection" popup box asks you to pick a tape. Just add a field there asking "how many tapes are in this set, please leave blank to add one-at-a-time"




Also rebuilding a catalog file for a tape set takes an OBSCENE amount of temp space. For a 7-tape DLT-S4 set, with an actual completed catalog file size of around 10GB, I need almost 400 GB of scratch space free during the tape rebuild process. NUTTY!

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