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error -205 trying to backup Xsan Volume

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I have some problems making a good backup from my Xsan volume. What I have is the following:


- HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library

- LTO3 drive connected through Fibre Channel

- Qlogic switch, zoning enabled (one Xserve sees the drive)

- Xserves with 10.6.2 Server

- Xsan 2.2.1 volume

- Retrospect 8, latest update installed


I've made an Media Set with a bunch of tapes from the library. When I run a script it will backup some files but will stop after a few seconds with the error:


error -205 ( lost access to storage medium)


The Xserve that is connected to the drive has two fibre channel cables connected to the switch for the Xsan, but I added the tape library to it's zone as well. Is that the right way to do it? Or do I need to attach the library directly?


Or do I have to look somewhere else?





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Retrospect 8, latest update installed



You need to ask your question in the Retrospect 8 forum, which is here:

Retrospect 8 for Macintosh forum


Although it's not clear from the forum names, this is the Retrospect 6.x for Mac forum.


It would also be helpful to provide the exact version of Retrospect engine (8.x.x) and Retrospect console (8.x.x) when you repost because, months from now, when others are looking for solutions to their problems, "latest updates" provides no information. Also, there are cases where posters insist that they have the "latest updates" when they don't.



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