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Retro 7.7 Disaster Recovery Bug..

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Think I found a bug with the DR boot cd for doing a bare metal restore. All systems I back up have multiple volumes. When I try to restore a system from bare metal as a client using the new DR boot CD with 7.7, I can only restore the system volume. If I attempt to restore any other volumes from retrospect, the restore immediately fails and just says "Execution Incomplete" with no other errors or messages, even in log. I have tried every combo of making this work, including only formatting the single volume from WinPE, and restoring it by itself from retrospect, however it still fails.


That being said, restores using the "Local recovery" option from the boot CD work fine, but its a PITA, b/c when I select teh catalog file from a share I created on my retrospect box, it prompts me to select the path of the needed .rdb file(s). I could accept this once, but the client isn't smart enough to try and look in the same folder for the next file, so when restoring a large volume, I end up having to browse for and select each .rdb it asks for.


I would prefer for "restoring as client" to work properly, since it's easiest, but it just won't work. Looks like client version built into CD is 7.6, so not sure if that is the problem or not..


Any ideas?



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