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Retrospect 7.7 Backup not always incremental


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I run Retrospect Backup to an external hard disk once a week. Normally it just does the incremental backup, as I would expect...about 2gb usually. But after a few weeks, it reverted to a full 130gb backup and I'm therefore assuming this isn't incremental. It then ran incrementally for a few weeks and nows it's wanting to do the full 130gb. Can anyone suggest what might be causing this and what I should do to correct it please? Many thanks.

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Until you get this problem sorted out, try running the backups in immediate mode, rather than by using a script. The purpose of this is that immediate mode gives you a PREVIEW of what it's going to be doing, and WHY.


So if the preview indicates that its going to backup about 2GB, then the problem isn't happening yet, so let it start and pay attention next time.


If the preview indicates it's going to backup 130GB, then you'll be able to click through to the details to INSPECT which files it has selected and why it has done so for each file, then you'll know WHY it has done so.


Specifically, look at an old file that doesn't change much, and look at the reason the preview window has selected it. Is it newer now than it was last time? (eg this could point to a filesystem date issue, people see this if they backup from network drives some times)


The only other thing I can think of is that someone or something is recycling the backup set when you're not watching!


Or the catalog may be corrupt and due for a rebuild.

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