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Recycle tapes not working

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Im using Retrospect 8.1 (build 626) to backup my xserver (10.5.8) onto a LTO 3 tape drive.


I have setup two scripts, week 1 and week 2 to backup daily mon-fri to 5 tapes per week, no problems with any of the scheduling.


However i want to do a new full backup every time the backup is run and thats the bit im having problems with. Ive set each script to 'Recycle Media Set' and my understanding of this is that the script 'Monday week 1' runs and then is two weeks runs again (as per the script) and just overwrites the data on the tape.


However i keep having to erase the tapes manually - for some reason when inserting the tape it thinks its the tape from the day before... its really odd.


Can someone please help me with this its driving me nuts.


Thankyou for your time



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