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7.7.208 does not backup


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I have just downloaded the test version 7.7 into my XP PRO SP3 computer.


But the backups do not start. Nothing happens.

" One execution running" is showing at the bottom even after I have stopped the execution. I cannot delete the backup from the Monitor Executing Panel.


Also scheduled executions do not start. They show error 3042, which is not explained.


The log file shows the following:

"+ Executing Immediate Backup at 2010-03-19 11:28

To Backup Set Backup Set A...

VssWBuildSnapshotSet: StartSnapshotSet failed, winerr -2147212522, error -3042"


What to do?

I do not want to pay for a support of this kind.



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Thank you for replying.


There is a line for the current activity. The data columns show 0 0 . I can copy the line for you if it is necessary. You have the log message above.


It seems that the program hangs when starting to backup.


If I click Stop nothing happens. The line cannot be removed and the message One execution running is still shown. The program cannot be closed except from the Task Manager.





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do you have an MSDE on that computer?


(another way of asking this is: "In task manager, on the processes tab, and the option for processes of ALL users are displayed, is there a process named "sqlserver.exe"?")

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