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Tape not full...

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Hi !


I'm using Retrospect 7.6.123 to backup some VM and Windows files.


Capacity of my tape is 800GB or 1.6TB compressed.


The backup of this night is strange...

The backup set seems to be full but only 1240.3GB have been writed...


So, the process is asking me another backup set to continue...


Why this backup looks full ?? Why can't I continue until 1.6TB ?


Thanks for your help !


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I suggest that you post this question in one of the Retrospect for Windows forums. The link is here:

Retrospect for Windows forums


This forum in which you posted is pretty much a dead forum.


As a remark, though, I believe that you may have had a tape error, which makes Retrospect want to move to the next tape to protect your data. You might want to look in your logs.


Try cleaning your tape drive. Or you may just have a bad tape with a bad spot. It happens. Been there, done that.



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