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Disk Quota Configuration

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When you setup a new backup set or member, or if you view a member's properties, you can see the disk usage configuration. It goes something like this:


Use at most XX GB or XX percent.


Now, each percentile contains different ranges of disk space, thanks to rounding. Do I make sense so far?


Here's my fun question: Which one takes precedence? And is there a precedent even coded in?


If I type in 12 GB, the program automatically generates 1%. However, If I type on 1 percent, the program generates 9 GB. I want 12 GB. So if I leave 12 GB as the last entry I typed in, does the program take that information over the 1 still entered in the percentile field? It doesn't go back and change it back to 9 GB later because of the percentile, does it?


I hope that made sense.


I really need clarification on this issue and I thank you for your help in advance.

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