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7.7 demo fails with Assertion Failure at tstring.cpp-374

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I have been tasked with coming up with a new backup solution for both my internal IT and my companys customers. At first glanz Retrospect 7.7 with exchange looked promising but every backup of mailboxes fails with "Assertion Failure at "tstring.cpp-374"". This is installed on SBS 2003 R2. I will have to give up on testing for recommendation if there is no resolution to this. Thank you.


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Robin -


Thank you for your reply but I'm afraid things have in my opinion gone from bad to worse. I called your tech support department and listened to ringing for over 5 minutes before I even got an auto attendant. Really, just ringing.


I design enterprise call centers, please let me know if you need help over there.


15 more minutes of music on hold before a live answer took my information and opened a ticket. Transfer to an engineer took another 5 minutes. After just a short while on the phone with the engineer, he had me change some settings, reproduce the error and send him the log files via e-mail. I did and awaited a reply. The reply came 5 hours later in a single sentence "Un license exchange server, exit retrospect, re license exchange server, then run the backup again.". Ok, I'll bite. Made the changes, tried a backup again, same results. I sent another set of logs. That e-mail was sent over 11 hours ago with no reply. Ticket number is 100311-00610.


As I stated in my first sentence, bad to worse.




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