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User's Guide on the way


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Okay Russ, this was posted on twitter today:


Finally! The Retrospect 8 User's Guide was just sent to the Web team. It should be available within a few hours at http://bit.ly/auK52C.

Robin, could you please define "few" in EMC terms?


That tweet was posted 13 hours ago. My dictionary has a definition of "not many; a couple; two or three".


Eric Ullman's post of August 21, 2009, said "about a month", and that was six and a half months ago.


Just trying to get calibrated. I understand that you are not the gating item.



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So if (when?) we find behavior in the program that's inconsistent with the documentation, is it a bug in the program or an error in the manual?


For example:


Repairing a Media Set

Page 233

Step #5

"Click to select the Media Set member in the dialog, then click Next. [color:purple]The Media Set member appears in the Repair dialog.[/color]"


No, it doesn't.




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Rebuilding a Media Set

Page 235


"Navigate to your desired location, select the folder, then click Rebuild. [color:purple]Retrospect begins a Recatalog operation[/color]..."


No mention of the mysterious "This is an existing Media Set, do you want to replace it? [color:gray]Cancel[/color]/[color:blue]Rebuild[/color]" dialog, that seems to show up even if the selected folder does not already contain a Catalog file with the same name

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Here's a user's guide frustration. I've been really wanting to understand the semantics of script rules, but the user's guide doesn't do much more than provide the names that I can read off in the dialog box (ch 7 "Adding or Editing Rules" pg 208-212).


For instance, what is the difference between "Mac Path" and "Unix Path". At first I thought that the "unix path" was the path of the file with slashes and the "mac path" the path with colons, but experimentation led me to discover that the mac path (probably?) only applies to Mac computers and should use slashes as well. Also, some guidance on how to deal with spaces and unusual characters in paths would be useful.


Some more guidance on the meaning of "folder name is blah" would be useful. I assumed this to mean "exclude all folders whose name is blah (and everything below)" but it seems to mean "exclude files in folders that are named blah" but blah would be backed up and folders beneath blah also? Some examples of these rules would be really useful. Also, what does the option for a name that "is like" some value mean? How close does it have to be before it's included in the rule?

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The Retrospect Windows Users Guide is useful on these points, but requires some translation.


My suspicion is that the Retrospect Mac Users Guide is what it is because the tech writer couldn't make stuff work for verification because of the bugs, so it was left ambiguous and minimalist.


Like Retrospect 8, I view the Users Guide as a work in progress. I remain hopeful that both will improve with time.



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