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Retro 8 Shows Incorrect Source & Media Sets Capacity Sizes?

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I have a 1TB network volume that is my backup repository. All of my R8 Media Sets are located here. The volume is hosted via a Linux server and mounted on my Retro Server (Xserve) via NFS over my LAN.


When I click on my Sources in the R8 Admin Console to view the Capacity stats on my Sources, the GUI incorrectly shows that I have only used 4.2MB (Megs!) of storage. In actuality I have used ~400GB (Gigs). It does, however, show the correct TOTAL size of the Source volume (~1 TB).


While this issue may be a purely cosmetic GUI glitch, it concerns to think about what may happen as I get closer to filling up the Source volume to its maximum capacity. As I get closer to hitting the 1TB threshold I will need to be proactive and keep a closer eye on it. I didnt expect R8 to have the EXACT same storage stats compared to what I may see from the command line (df, du etc)or from the Finder, but I didnt expect them to be totally off base by such a huge delta.


This issue has side effects as well. For example, each individual Media Set located on that Source Volume has a different Capacity value in the R8 Admin Console GUI (i.e the green capacity icon). This is not correct, considering all of my 5 Media Sets are all configured to use up to 100% of the Source volume as needed. Thus I would assume that R8 would show the same Capacity values for all of my Media Sets since they are all located the same volume. Correct?


Has anyone else seen these issues before? Is there something I can do to make R8 refresh the Source volumes storage stats?



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