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Feb to March - Daily backups no longer working

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Since the switch from Feb to March daily backups are no longer working. Retrospect keeps saying the next scheduled backup is today at 1 am - ( and today 1 am has passed )


I tried deleting the schedule and starting a new one and it sets itself to the same thing. Instead of saying tomorrow at 1 am, the first backup is for today at 1 am and then it never gets there, since that time has passed.

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Good thought.


Just to make sure, also check the date on your computer using Retrospect. Sure you have an accurate timesource that is reachable?


I seem to recall that the date/time update routines won't do an update if the timesource is more than an hour or two off, to prevent grave disorder if some timesource goes bonkers.


You may be looking at a bad timesource that thinks it is February 31, or your local date on the computer may be February 31.


Or, perhaps, it might be a bug in Retrospect 8 (nah, couldn't be - it's bug free). What happens if you stop the engine and then restart it?


Perhaps the engine is confused as to how many days February has. I think that this is the first February to March boundary crossed by Retrospect 8.



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