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VXA-1 Drive Arrows

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Running Mac OS 9.2.2, Retrospect 4.3, Advansys 3940U2W SCSI card, Ecrix (Exabyte) VXA-1 drive.




I have just completed a long troubleshooting series which fixed various problems large and small. It all started with a problem drive which was replaced by Exabyte under warranty. The new drive is reading and writing flawlessly. But...




1. If a Retrospect script ends with an operation that copies to tape, the right arrow remains steady amber on the tape drive.




2. If a Retrospect script ends with an operation that compares what was just written to tape, the right arrow remains steady green on the tape drive.




If I quit Retrospect, the VXA-1 drive backs up the tape and eventually settles down with the square middle light a steady green.




According to Tammy Rogi (sp?) a tech support supervisor at Exabyte with long experience with VXA-1, this is typical of performance under Retrospect Drivers. What bothers me is that I think that the tape continues to advance when the right arrow is on. I don't recall seeing this symptom on my old drive. It is not a huge problem since I normally quit Retrospect when the backup/compare scripts are completed.




Has anyone else observed this? Could this be a bug in the Retrospect driver? I have Retrospect 4.3 Driver Update 2.5.101 in my Retrospect folder.




(Looks like SCSI drivers and Retrospect will not be ready for OS X 10.2 primetime for awhile yet. I'm grateful to have a backup under 9.2.2 that works reliably even if there are still some quirks.)

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