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Retrospect Console in 10.4.11


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Greetings and Hallucinations,


Are there plans to make the console compatible with Tiger (10.4.11)?


At one point I think I recall that there were plans to make the console work in 10.4.11.


My laptop running 10.5.8 just died and it had my console on it.


I just ordered a new laptop with Snow Leopard and I suppose I will be reinstalling Retrospect on it but it would be nice to have the console work on my 10.4.11 engine machine.


Thanks for any insights you may provide.


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You'll have to get an official word on this, but I think the answer is no. I asked this same question about 18 months ago when Retrospect 8 was in beta (seriously, isn't it still?), and the response was that the Console code was designed specifically to use whiz-bang API interface elements present only in Leopard and beyond. I then asked if there was a possibility of a web-based (HTML) console interface, and the response was a tepid "perhaps".


You could search for those old posts, but I think that they disappeared when the beta test forum disappeared just over a year ago.


Seems to me that this issue has been addressed with the iPhone app, which seems to have plans to evolve to a near-full console app.



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