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Lacie AIT1 U&I + is supported????

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If you go to Configure > Devices > Device Status, does it see the drive at all? If so, please list Vendor, Product, Version and Driver (if available).




If the drive is not seen in the Device Status window, check the Apple System Profiler > Devices and Volumes. Is the drive seen here?

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-If using Retrospect 5.0 on Mac OS 9.x, Retrospect Driver Update (RDU) version 2.6.101 or higher is needed.




Check your Operations Log (in Retrospect Reports > Log) to check whether or not the RDU is loading.




The drive should be visible to the Apple System Profiler regardless of whether it is connected via the USB or Firewire port. Make sure you are running the latest version of OS 9 (currently 9.2.2). Try the drive on another computer - does it show up properly?

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- OS 9.0.4 on an iMac with FireWire port (Firewire version 2.6)


- Using Retrospect 4.3C (OEM Version) with RDU 2.5.101. The RDU is loaded properly at startup




If I connect the device to the USB port, I see it in the Apple System Profiler. I can't see it if I connect it to the FireWire port. Do I need a firewire extension for this device?




I've tried the device in another computer, with OS 9.2.1, connected via USB port. I see the device in the Apple System Profiler ("LaCie StudioDrive USB2", driver name: "USBMassStorageDriver"), but I can't see it in Retrospect...

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The drive is supported by Retrospect.




That your Firewire bus doesn't detect the drive could indicate a problem with the drive or with the bridge. Your computer should detect any device that is directly connected.




Try with base extensions, plus the following enabled:




-Retrospect SDAP Support 1.2


-Retrospect FireWire Support 1.1.2


-LaCie FireWire Support 6.4.5f1


-FireWire Support 2.8.4



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My system has Firewire Support 2.6 (not 2.8.4)




Retrospect only installs this:




-Retrospect SDAP Support 1.1.7 (not 1.2)


-Retrospect FireWire Support 1.1.2


- It DOESN'T install LaCie FireWire Support 6.4.5f1




Where can I get these extensions??



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