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preparing backup of open files for hours


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Hi all,


I'm trying to backup my Windows PDC (Windows Server 2008R2 64Bit). Retrospect server (8.1.626) is on a Intel Xserve (10.6.2). The Client (which is 32Bit) on the Windows machine is 7.6.107.

I started the backup yesterday. So it's running for over 15 hours now and still showing 'preparing backup of open files'. So is it trying to get a lock on files it will never get a lock on? Are there known issues with the 32bit client on a 64bit server?

The protocol on the Retrospect Console isn't helping at all (doesn't say anything useful). Couldn't find anything useful in the Windows event logs either.

What can I do to backup this machine (except for using Trueimage) with Retrospect?


Any ideas appreciated.

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