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Disk to tape problem


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I have 7.7.203 with driver


I have a number of client machines backed up automatically to disk backup sets stored on a share on a NAS device. I backup the whole NAS to tape. For some reason Retrospect is not backing up to tape anything in the "Retrospect" directory where the disk backup sets are stored.


I have tried a separate immediate tape backup in which I set the source to the share containing the Retrospect directory and I made sure the filters said to include "everything" and exclude "nothing" yet still it does not copy them. If I use the check function to see what files have been selected by the selectors, the Retrospect directory is shown, but the box is not checked, and I cannot check it by hand.


Why will Retrospect not treat these files as just files and back them up? How can I be sure these are the only files it is arbitrarily choosing to ignore?




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