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Sophos 7.1.3 has been released -- fixes the scanning time!


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This version fixes the crappy scanning time with Retrospect:


New in this version


? This version includes fixes for the following problems:

DEF 47375: On-access scanning causes increased scanning time with EMC Retrospect.


DEF 52975: Scans started from the Sophos Anti-Virus Mac OS X GUI attempt to scan Stuffit archives, although scanning for this format is not supported.


? The threat detection engine and threat data have been updated.




I've tested this on my computer.


Scanning my "users" folder with OAS off (from test laptop with 626 on it): 3:10 from "start now" to "matching" using the backup wizard to a new media set.


Scanning with OAS *on*: 4:02. This is down from about 75 minutes on my computer (!)




Now Sophos just has to fix the bug where "errors" are thrown in the log file when aliases are scanned.


But at least it's not holding back Retrospect any longer...



7.1.3 just showed up through automatic update today, so watch for it if you have this installed...



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