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Archive to Alternating Off-Site Disks

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I have a daily proactive backup script set up to backup my entire home network onto a single 2 TB on-site external HD.


I would like to periodically (i.e., once a month) archive this backup (or portions of this backup, based on rules) to a portable HD for storage off-site.


Here's the catch: I would like to alternate the portable HDs so that in month #1 I do a complete archive to portable HD #1 and move it off-site. In month #2 I do a complete archive to portable HD #2, move that off-site, and bring portable HD #1 back on site. In month #3 I reuse portable HD #1 for the next complete archve, and so on, swapping the two portable HDs so each gets a month's worth of archives. The portable disks alternate. The goal is to ensure that each portable HD has a complete archive independent of the other portable HD.


The questions is do I either:


Option A: Set up two media sets (one for each portable HD) and include both media sets as destinations for the archive backup script or...


Option B: Set up one media set with two members (one for each portable HD)





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