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Force early backup of source?


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Hi, I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere.


I have a Proactive backup script with a few sources. A networked client computer failed. Retrospect waits for the 30 minute period to elapse before trying again.


How do I force Retrospect to backup that computer again now?


I realise I could go to the other computer & use the Client program, but I want to do this from the Retrospect Console. I could also change the Script Options, but I don't want to change the script, just force this backup once.




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What (usually) works...


Highlight the activity in the list of activities. Click "Schedule" -- the time will pop up showing the current time.


Say OK to that and it will change the schedule of that proactive client to "right now".


I've seen it take up to 10 minutes to actually *find* the client at that point to initiate a backup, but that amount of time depends on how many proactive scripts you have/client configured, etc.


On a test machine with only one client -- it usually fires up the backup within a minute.

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Oh, forgot...


What usually works *faster* than "scheduling" the activity to run "now"?


Delete the *past activities* for the client -- that frequently works faster to get a client to back up right now as it makes the engine think that the client has never been backed up, so it prioritizes that client faster.


However, this is not the best method if you are trying to get multiple clients to fire off "right now" (again, depending on how many proactive scripts you have running...)

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