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Bad backup set header found at same place


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Hi, I'm getting the "Bad backup set header found" error when transferring snapshots to tape.


- Snapshot transfer process itself gives no error

- Verify gives bad backup set header error (0x9060478f at 57,946)

- Repeating the process with different media gives the same errors AT THE SAME LOCATIONS.


The last point seems to distinguish this from other reports of the same error.



1. Seems like this is a sign of a bad source snapshot. Agree?

2. How do I fix/delete the source snapshot? Surely I don't have to discard the whole backup set...



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Thanks for your reply.


Do you mean delete it from the catalog of the source or of the target?


If you mean the source, how do I know which of the source snapshots to delete? In other words, the snapshot is from an incremental backup that has files a year old, do I have to delete the snapshots one by one and potentially lose a years worth of restore points just to find the "dud" file?



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OK, I don't mind grooming the data that is causing the error.


But now I am back to my first question: how do I know which snapshot contains the data causing the error?


As I mentioned, the "most recent" snapshot is an incremental and it depends on possibly a hundred other snapshots. Deleting the one with the error is fine, deleting all of them is a problem.

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