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Engine stops/starts/stops/starts etc

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I don't know if anyone else has seen this but I have two different customers this has happened too. No obviously cause but one day you go to use the client and it says not connected, then it all comes up, then it disconnects again and this repeats. Check the Retrospect control panel on the backup machine and the engine it stopping and starting and stopping etc. Console shows the engine is crashing and restarting. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application doesn't fix it, have to uninstall, remove the files from /Library/Application Support/Retrospect and then reinstall. When this happened the first time (Intel Xserve, 10.4.11, Retrospect 8.1.626) I didn't try putting any of these files back in as it was a pretty new install and we just started again, the latest occurrence (Intel Xserve, 10.5.8, 6.1.626) has been running a while and I would like to preserve scripts, sets etc. Is it just the Config80.dat that needs to go back in? If that's the problem and putting it back in doesn't work is there a way to extract the info from it? TIA

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it depends what the engine is trying to do.


If it's crashing at a consistent point (but you can't see the action that's causing the crash), you might try firing up the console and doing an immediate "pause all" so you can see what's going on prior to the crash.


if you can't do that, you might try moving the catalog for the media set out of wherever you saved it -- that way if it's crashing running a specific script acting on a media set, the script will stop if it can't find the catalog file.

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