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Emergency CD with 7.7.102


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I am using Retrospect Prfessional 7.7. I had downloaded and burnt the emergenct cd .iso image at the same time I downloaded 7.7.


I have applied the update to it so I am rinning Retrospect Professional 7.7.102. Will the Emergency Rescue CD downloaded for 7.7 be able to restore 7.7.102 backups? If not, how do I update the Emergency CD?



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The Retrospect application on the ISO image is version 7.6.
No patching of the CD is ever required. If a change is needed for the CD, we will release a new iso image.

Robin, I'm sure that you are accurate on this point, but it seems inconsistent with the following note in the EMC Retrospect 7.7 for Windows Read Me:


Older Backup Sets: If you are an upgrade customer, you can use your older Backup Sets with Retrospect 7.7. However, once you use a Backup Set with Retrospect 7.7, you can no longer access it from earlier versions of Retrospect.

So, if Retrospect 7.6 is on the Emergency Rescue CD, and if Retrospect 7.6 cannot access a backup set once that backup set has been used by Retrospect 7.7 (according to the Read Me), how can the Retrospect 7.6 on the Emergency Rescue CD do a bare metal restore from Retrospect 7.7 backup sets?



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