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what a nightmare!


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i own a 7.5 license for retrospect pro. one week ago i ordered a upgrade license from the german distributor comline, we are a dealer and selling retrospect to our own costumer. This time we did need a upgrade license for our own backup system.

the first upgrade license from retrospect pro x.xx was allready used (thats what this link told me:




Then i ordered a second upgrade license because absolutly nobody at EMC is reachable since days. This license worked and i got a online response which got me a new static license. Now it comes: Its a 7.6 license which doeas not work for 7.7.

I trying to reach EMC since days and even their german distributor can do anything.


I need a license right now and we dont have any backup since days since we did upgrade our server to Win 7.


Sorry to say that but this company has the worst support on pleant earth!



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