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Recycle button bug


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Version 8.1 build 626.


Highlight Media Set to recycle

Click Recycle button in tool bar

Warning dialog appears (cancel, recycle)

Click "recycle"

Second dialog appears on top of first (cancel, recycle)


At this point its an endless loop and there is no way to recycle. Thankfully "cancel" does get me out of having to force quit.

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Had a similar situation the other day. In my situation, I had an active job. I cant remember if it was paused or actually running.


Stopping the job caused a GUI crash (after trying to recycle) and I had to stop the engine (wait approx 5 mins) then start again. Afterward I was able to successfully recycle a media set.


I know this may not neccesarily be whats going on in your situation, just saying that I too have had issues with recycling media sets. Happy Holidays :-)

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