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Discrepancy on size of Backup Drive


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Good morning!


OSX 10.6.2

Retrospect 8.1 (626)


So I went into retrospect this morning to find that my Daily_Script has not run yet. Shows up in activity screen with date of "yesterday at 7:00pm". Icon beside is a clock. No activity in progress. Not hung up in any way at all....just hasnt initiated yet? Weird. Has anyone else run into this? Waiting for support to open as I am east coast.


2nd issue I observed. My backup seems to be growing at an exponential rate. I have a total of 234.49GB to back up. I am backing up to a 1TB raid 1 array. After running 4 days worth of backups, with the "data compression" checked under options for the script, I only have 144.82GB left of free space on backup drive.


Actual Numbers of backup disk size;


Capacity: 917.49GB

Available: 144.82GB

Used: 772.67 GB


The used does not look right to me. Im compressing and only backing up data that has changed. This server is file store, not that much data changes....


Is there any calculations/formulas that would help me to calculate expected growth of my backups?


Last thing I noticed was "get info" of the actual mounted backup destination, shows different numbers that what is listed in "sources" of the GUI. According to this screen, My backup destination only has 200MB used space and a total of 854.5GB. When I select "browse", it takes me to my backup destination with all the retrospect data.


I am very confused about these numbers, and by no means am I any kind of backup expert. Anyone have any information that may help me make sense of this information?



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Updating my own post:


After calling support, the issue with the size of my backup destination growing exponentially, after selecting "Scripts" on the left hand side, select your script, under options, I had "Match source files against Media Set" un-checked. This caused [what was told to me as the default backup in retrospect IS an incremental] the backup to re-backup the entire set everytime. So in other words, was not performing an incremental.


Well ho hum....now I have to recycle media set, loose all the backups I have, and start over again. Man o Man I wish I had a manual.


FYI was told late Jan for manual. **Holding Breath**

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Just wondering if anyone from Retro tech team can comment on this issue:


When viewing "source", my backup source reports incorrect information. The incorrect info is the incorrect used space (always says 200.2MB) and incorrect Total.


I reformatted my backup device because of the above mentioned issue within the script option and not performing incremental backups. ho hum hard lessons.


When I re-added my "source", again shows incorrect size. Is this a GUI bug?



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wow SMaser, i just caught your post. :angryred: well thats what I get for forgetting to subscribe to this post.


So grooming would have removed duplicates? Well at least I know now. Wish I knew more about this software, and wish I knew there was no manual before I purchased. Wish Apple didn't recommend this software.....I am sure it will be better someday, and a manual to help users. :eyes:

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