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Statistcs and Analysis


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I have not been able to find this anywhere else, but then maybe I don't have the correct keywords for the forum and google.


Are there any tools or reports in retrospect that analyze the statistics of backup sessions/sets/snapshots? We are a small business and are running out of room on the tapes we use for one of our backup sets. This limit is 200GB, but the problem can be scaled to whatever your size is. In an effort to not have to invest in more/bigger tapes/tape drives we would like to selectively cull, through use of the selectors, files in the backup targets. Alternatively we could shift some files off certain servers to other servers that are in a different backup set if we knew which ones have become problem children.


Are there any tools that will show us that, say, WebServerB has 50 GB of .mp3 files that are getting backed up? Or FileServerC now has 20 GB of pictures?


Also: how do I interpret the 53.1 MB and 37.8 GB numbers in this log entry?


- 12/3/2009 8:11:10 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) on wsus

12/3/2009 9:24:44 AM: Snapshot stored, 53.1 MB

12/3/2009 9:25:11 AM: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 30659 files, 37.8 GB

Performance: 544.8 MB/minute

Duration: 01:14:16 (00:03:19 idle/loading/preparing)




Is it that there were 53.1 MB were added this session and the set has 37.8GB total used by this server?

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