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So how is this supposed to work?


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I have been using Retrospect 8 for about 8 months to back up our production server. I have done some incremental restores to the server just to check that the data is being copied (I use rotating external firewire drives.)


Today I decided that I need to know what happens if the server dies. I downloaded a trial version of the engine and installed it on my workstation. I attached one of the Firewire drives and tried to restore some files. No dice. The Retrospect on my workstation does not seem to want to work with the backed up files on my external.


I thought maybe I need to do a rebuild or something so I went through that. But I get a scary message saying that "this is an existing media set. Do you want to replace it?"


How are you supposed to do this?

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Version 8.1 (build 626) is the version of the client. The engine I just downloaded today so I assume it is the latest.


The workstation is running Mac os 10.5.8


I got the scary message when I got nowhere with the restore and tried a rebuild. the steps for this were;


1. go to media and add my external drive

2. click rebuild

3. pick folder to rebuild in

4. get message


Has anyone else ever done this? How are you supposed to restore to a new machine after the original is fried?

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You need to have a catalog for a media set in order to be able to do a restore.


I think the message you were seeing was the prompt to replace the *catalog file* during the rebuild process.


I've reported this as a bug where you get the prompt about "replacing" a catalog file where none exists (it should only prompt you if it sees a catalog file.)


You are doing the right thing -- just continue on with the rebuild and once the catalog is rebuilt, you can restore from the media set.

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the steps for this were;


As much as I'd like to help, without specific and accurate steps I'm not willing to try and guess what you are doing.


1. go to media

What does this mean?

Perhaps you mean select ("go to") [color:purple]Media Sets[/color]?


add my external drive

There is no place to add a drive, external or otherwise, from the Media Sets window. What's available to select are [color:purple]Media Sets[/color], which have the names you gave them.


2. click rebuild

3. pick folder to rebuild in

That's not what happens when you click the Rebuild icon in the Media Sets window. This is why upthread I asked:

What were the exact steps you took (mouse click by mouse click)?

Since there is no manual it's reasonable to believe that you are simply doing something wrong. But if you're getting unexpected results we'd need to what you are actually doing.


To rebuild a Disk Media Set:


1. Select Media Sets

2. Click Rebuild

3. From the drop-down sheet select Disk and Next...

4. Click Add Member...

5. Navigate to either [color:purple]A.[/color] The disk that contains a Retrospect folder at its top level where that Retrospect folder contains the first Member of your Disk Media Set or [color:purple]B.[/color] A subfolder within which you stored the first Member of your Disk Media (that folder will contain a Retrospect folder, as well). Click Next...

6. From the drop-down sheet select the Disk Media Set who's Catalog file you want to rebuild; click Next...

7. Click Rebuild...

8. Select a folder into which you want to save the newly rebuilt Catalog File

Note: If you select the same folder that already has the Catalog File for this Media Set (which would be unusual if you're rebuilding because you don't have said Catalog File) you will get a message "This is an existing Media Set. Do you want to replace it" which is not scary at all, since you're asking the program to overwrite an existing Catalog File with a newly rebuilt one of the same name (which is probably, but not necessarily, the Catalog File for the same Media Set)





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