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8.1 – reliability


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I've started to use Retrospect 8.1.626 and I'm beginning to think that it really wasn't a good idea.

I hate to be so negative but if someone could help me with these questions since there's no manual for the program (well what can you expect from a program that supposed to secure your most valuable data):


– Some sources show in 'Past backups' window as 'succesful backup's but if I look at them in 'Activities' window Retrospect tells that the status is 'Execution incomplete' with s*itloads of errors and on 1/4 of the files actually copied.

When I look at it in Restore assistant (selected files and folders) it shows me the complete size.


One large directory (+200 000 files/+500GB)shows up as 'completed succesful' with 96 files/124MB both in 'past backups' and in restore assistant. I still can restore everything from that backup.


So is there some kind of sense here? Do I need to verify the backup myself?


– When trying to restore files from a backup by selecting files and folders items it seems to be totally random if I can access the backup or not. It may let me choose the files or it may as well just show that 'Accessing backup...' window or inform 'backup unavailable'


– I'm running a proactive backup with ~20 clients. If there's only one client available that's not backed up ie. it would clearly be the next one to be backed up the server won't do it. Why?


– Server won't backup some folder because 'error -505 backup client is reserved'. By what?


– What's the meaning of those green correct -signs by folders and files in restore assistant? I can restore both folders with and without those signs.


– All the source favorite folders get unchecked if I try to add some more.

That's it, I'm downgrading.

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A couple of possibilities:


1) If you don't have grooming turned on, "Past Backups" just shows you the *last* backup for your media set. If what you did *last* was an incremental backup -- that would make sense that it's only showing you a smaller number of files.


2) I find that stopping/restarting the engine sometimes helps when trying to restore something from a very large media set (large in the # of files -- not the size of the set). I think there's a memory problem that a stop/restart clears out.


3) The proactive backup issue. Sometimes clients defer the backups (if you have that set). You might check the client to see if it's done that. If it's not deferred, try deleting the most recent past activity for the client -- that usually kickstarts a client backup.


4) I have one client machine that occasionally gives me the -505 error. No idea why, either. But the next time it tries the backup (30 minutes later), it will back up. I've never been able to reproduce this, either. It's only *one* client doing this, too. EMC asked me to turn on advanced logging for the client, but I could never reproduce this. In my case, it's one favorite folder on my 10.5.8 server (yet another folder on the same server has never shown this issue.)



5) Not sure about the "green check marks", either. It's one of those things the missing manual would probably explain better.


6) "unchecked favorite folders" -- never seen that. Where is it being "unchecked"? In a proactive script? In some other script?

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4) I can reproduce this. It usually shows up after a couple of days. Restarting server won't help. Restarting clients help. The fix last only a few days, one week tops.


At my site. Running client backup, favorite folder backup, share backup and proactive backup. Backing up via share works best.

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I don't back up anything via "share" (I'm assuming you mean mounting a remote share via AFP and then backing that up?) -- everything I do is direct "hostname-added".


The "-505" comes up once a week, maybe. It's very infrequent, but always the same Favorite Folder on the same (only) client machine.

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Agree on the share-thing, have never done it before either. Trying it now since the client is so unreliable and damn slow.


The share-backup has never failed so far.


One interesting observation; i have 2 remote clients, both on 10Mbps connection, backuped via client only - they have never failed so far (over a month of backup). OSX Server 10.4.11/10.5.8, latest client (yes, latest : ). the version before worked as well).


The downside; im backing up roughly about 1TB on one and 500GB on the other. Still going for full backup (only night time).


: ) (only doing this for testing purposes)

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1) If you don't have grooming turned on, "Past Backups" just shows you the *last* backup for your media set. If what you did *last* was an incremental backup -- that would make sense that it's only showing you a smaller number of files.


Thank you! This was scaring me a bit.

What if grooming is grayed out in the media set window?

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Not to jump in the middle here, but could someone please explain "grooming" to me and how one would use it? Learning by trial and error (no manual) is tiresome.

A simple search of the Retrospect Knowledgebase turns up the following:


What is grooming and how does it work?

What are the best practices for using grooming?

How do I rebuild the catalog file after grooming fails?


See also the terms "Defined Grooming Policy" and "Grooming" in the Knowledgebase Glossary.


Yes, a manual would be nice.



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