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Retrospect 8.1.626 - Tandberg VXA3 PacketLoader


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I'm using Restrospect 8.1.626 on an Xserve Running MacOS X Server 10.5.8, connected to a TandBerg VXA-3a Packetloader 10unit 1U via FireWire 800.


I'm unable to eject, erase, a cartridge loaded in the TandBerg.

Each time i try to do something, Restrospect window freeze and nothing respond to any command.


The menus are clickable, but nothing append in the main window.


At this time, it's impossible to setup a simple backup...


Does someone could help me in this retrospect world ?




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Others have reported this same problem with Retrospect 8.1.626 and VXA firewire. See, for example:

VXA-3 firewire doesn't work with Retrospect 8.1.626


I suggest you contact EMC Retrospect support directly because this isn't an issue that can be resolved in these user-to-user forums. Here is the link:

Contact EMC Retrospect support



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Thanks russ for your answer, but for French Support, i haven't found any phone number.


The only way i found is to mail them at Emcinsignia_supportemea@emc.com


or i'm searching in a wrong way...

I'll have to confess that I am illiterate American and cannot read French. But these two links (in French) may help:

French support link

French support link


Also, forum user "Mike_Paris", an EMC Retrospect employee who lives in Paris, and who often responds in French and other languages in the "International" forum, might be able to give you a European support number if you send him a private message, but I see he hasn't logged on for a couple of weeks.


Only number I know is the US Support number (866-362-1111). Perhaps you could use Skype and call the U.S. number. You seem to be up late.


Here's a link to the French support FAQ page, equivalent to the US support FAQ page that has the US number. Perhaps it will help, I don't have a clue what it says:

French support FAQ page



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French support FAQ link
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