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Easy upgrade but now a problem


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I upgraded to 7.7 over 7.6 easily enough but now have a vexing problem. While trying to duplicate, I get a "Subvolume xxxx not available" message that I just can't seem to get around. I don't know if it's 7.7 or just me, but I've been using restrospect for years and never seen this before. I've tried everything from redefining the source volumes to forgetting volumes to reinstalling the program and nothing solves the problem. In fact, in the Duplicate Wizard box, it's got a little circle with a line through it on top of the drive symbol for my hard drive. Going crazy with this! Any suggestions about what to do or where should I go for advice?

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I figured it out. I back folders up to two or more different external drives, attaching each drive as I need it. I've been doing that for years with previous versions, no problem. But with 7.7, when duplicating to a newly connected second drive, after you specify the source volume, the duplication wizard apparently looks ahead for the destination volume identified in the previous duplication (in this case on the previously connected drive). Since the previous drive is no longer attached, Retrospect can't find the not-yet-changed destination volume and tells you so. The problem is that it doesn't tell you that it's the destination volume that it can't find, not the source volume. If they have the same name, as is often the case if you're duplicating the same set of folders consecutively to two different drives, it leads you to believe that it can't find the source volume you've just entered. The warning message should be changed.

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