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Migrating – how to export/import scripts&settings?


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I'm running Retrospect 8.1 on a server that I'm about to run down because I'm starting to use a new one.

Is there a way to somehow export Retrospect server settings, scripts, clients and so on or do I need to start from a clean install and new media set?

The media set I'm backing up to is on a NAS and I have ~20 clients so I really would like to find a way to do this without having to build it all again...

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There's no way to export them, but you can move over the preferences (in the config80.dat file). It's all described in the section in the manual entitled "Moving Retrospect". Oh, I forgot, there is no manual.


I suggest that you contact EMC Retrospect support and get instructions on how to do this. When the support burden becomes too high because of the missing manual, perhaps the manual will get a higher (or at least some) priority. Here's how to contact support:

Contact EMC Retrospect support



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