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7.7 does not recognize tape media as available when tape is loaded


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This is a new problem I have not seen before.


One of my backup sets uses members on tape media, an HP DAT 72 drive.


If I insert the tape, Retrospect's Device display shows the tape mounted and with the correct label. If I double click on the Schedule entry that will run the script that usus this member, I can click on the checkmark to validate the script, 7.7 says it is valid, but if I click on the button to check on media availability it says that the backup member is not available, even though it is mounted.


When the script is run, 7.7 will use the tape media, even though it said it wasn't available. If I delete the memeber from the backup set and re-add it, doing the above check will say it is available, until you check it again, then it says the tape media is not available, even though the same tape was mounted the entire time.


This concerns me.



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