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R6 Duplicate vs R8 Copy


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Curious to know if others see any increase in the size of Copy runs in similar situations compared to Duplicate.


Since moving from R6 on a Leopard Mac to R8 on a SL Mac my Duplicate/Copy has increased from about 1GB to 6 to 7GB each overnight. I have it set to "Overwrite Entire Volume" which I was told by Tech Support would replace changed files and add new ones so that the Copy was an exact clone.


My files consume about 22GB in total. So these Copies are almost one-third of the total.


Perhaps there is some difference in the number of System files that change in SL compared to Leopard. Other than that I can't come up with a reason for this difference. That combined with the backup of our other Mac that has about 31GB and Copies about 2GB but is a Leopard Mac.


Bottom line is I'm curious as to the reason for these much longer runs and finding out if Retrospect is performing as "advertised."


Thanks for any info.

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