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7.7 Using 7.6 Backup Set


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Gee, this is special. Ran my first backup with 7.7, using the same script and backup set that I've been using since 7.6. For some reason, it's looking like Retrospect thinks this is the FIRST backup, and it's doing a full backup against all my 175GB. Totally ignoring files that have ALREADY been backed up in the set. Needless to say, backing up to a firewire drive, this is taking 12 hours.


EMC/Danz/Iomega needs to make it very clear that previous versions' backup sets will NOT be respected, and provide a workaround to this untenable situation.


I seem to recall this happening in 7.5 to 7.6 upgrades, and it looks like I'll lose all my previous sessions and snapshots (once the currently running backup runs out of room on the target drive), or I'll be lucky and just have Restrospect vomit and ask for another backup destination.


I guess I have to get a whole new drive to start again in order to preserve my 7.6 sets.


Has anyone else seen this issue?


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But it would sure be nice if this was documented.
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 13:40:57 -0700

From: "Ullman, Eric"

Subject: Where the @#%& is my Retrospect 8 User's Guide?

To: EMC Retro-Talk




The Retrospect team no longer has a dedicated staff tech writer.








Eric Ullman

Director, Product Management

EMC Retrospect

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