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Stopped by operator


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Last night I ran my first Retrospect backup of my C: and D: drives (Windows XP; Retrospect 7.6.111). When I came back this morning, I had a message that the backup had been stopped by the operator while roughly half way through the D: drive. Can I restart it, or do I have to completely backup the D: drive? If the latter, how do I get rid of the partial backup?


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You don't "restart" the backup, you just do it again. Retrospect will figure out what has already been backed up, and will back up what needs to be done.


Under the hood, Retrospect is really an "initial full backup, plus subsequent incrementals" like other backup software. The difference with Retrospect is its "snapshot" paradigm, where it gives the illusion (very useful for restore) that all files present on the drive are backed up at each session. Really, the snapshot has pointers into the backup database (backup set) to the older files that were backed up in earlier sessions.




So, stuff that isn't already in the backup set will be added. It's the session that was partial, not the backup.



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