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Backup set doubled when source moved


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Multiserver 7.6 on Win XP has a backup script that weekly backs up a server accessed via Windows Network Services with about 600GB of files. We needed to increase the server space, so all of the files were copied to a new system, maintaining all folder and file names' creation and modified dates, and the backup script was modified to use the new source. After the first new backup, it seems that all files were copied again from the source, almost doubling the size of the backup set and requiring the addition of a 2nd 1TB drive for the backup set. Why didn't it recognize that it already had copies of the files and simply update the snapshot? How can I now get rid of the duplicaion and free up one of the backup set drives? The weekly backups have been running since April, with little changed from week to week or even month to month. I don't want to lose the old snapshots.


Thanks for any suggestions...


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It does seem to be the same bug. There is one difference: In my case, there is no Retrospect Client incolved, since the server is accessing the remote NTFS volume directly via Window networking. Kinda let's the client off the hook for the problem in the earlier Topic.


I did check a sample of the file properties in the before and after move snapshots, and they are identical (except for the backup date), as far as is reported.


So this seems to be a confirmed bug, which still leaves me hoping for suggestions on how to remove the duplicates without losing the old snapshots and, ideally, I'd then like to be able remove one of the drives from the backup set, as one drive should be big enough.


Any thoughts?


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