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What is the purpose of "Reports"?


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Retrospect 8.1 build 626

OSX 10.6


Just curious what people use the reports section in the GUI. so far for me it has no added functionality and is in no means a report at all. Maybe its mis-labled? A report would bring up detailed information based on certain criteria. Showing me that there is an error is great, but I still have to go to my log files to try to find the error. The last error I had (reading from the GUI) said:


While scanning volume "my_server_volume_name"

Folder /volumes/myvolumename/subdir/subdir...............


>Scanning incomplete, error -1101 (file/directory not found)

snapshot stored



So what directory or file did it have a problem with??!!?? You mean I have to scan my backup to find out?


Not trying to rant and am really looking forward to some new updates for Retrospect, but am I missing something here?


Not so confident on this software at this point in time. Testing backup and restore of dovecot now......

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wow wanted to make this clearer...


on this line:

Folder /volumes/myvolumename/subdir/subdir...............


it literally just had "........" at the end of the line. didn't word wrap to show the actual directory and or file it had a problem with. Reporting an error about a file/directory and the not showing the directory is a little odd.



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to make it even clearer -- what's the *actual* name of the path in question?



and how does the path show in Terminal?



(oh, and the only thing I ever really notice in "reports" is the list of clients that haven't been backed up in 7 days -- just to find out *why* they haven't backed up...)

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The actual name of the directory is what im trying to find out. If you are asking me to post the actual name of the incomplete directory that shows up in the log, I can do so, however I will tell you it is a sub directory of an entire volume that I am trying to backup. I am not trying to backup just this one sub directory.


"-- just to find out *why* they haven't backed up...)"


.....Exactly. So how does one start to trouble-shoot what did and didnt get back up if the logs are not complete (possibly im looking in the wrong place??-looking at log in activity screen) or a report that is not a report at all, just a line item to notify you that "something" went wrong?



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